Harry Cloud

“Harry Cloud is a one of the rare emotional and unpredictable artists of the times.” – Didier Kelvin, Scoptophilia

“Harry Cloud has been emotionally ruined but also sees the humor of this situation.” – KN, Yeah I Know It Sucks

“Primordial, filthy and sounding like something fresh out of an archeological dig for some kind of badass Californian pharaoh.” – The Widening Eye

“Harry Cloud runs the gamut from sludgy black metal to creepy electronica to ‘70s good-timey Bay City Rollers sounds. There is little or no way to pigeon hole this one, and, in large part, that’s what makes this work.” – The Lord Kveldulfr, Razorcake

“Be sure, this is a horrifying creation from some seriously broken individuals.” – Steven, Wine Women and a Song or Two

“Think of your favorite genre of music and Harry turns it on its head. One minute brutally heavy and the next an anthemic Stoner Rock” – Sludgelord

“Stately artistic sludge bordering on insanity and avant-garde dadaistic drone that drags you into their own colorful tar pit and smothers you with their bizarre mushroomed psychedelica. – Stoner Hive

“Harry Cloud lurches, crawls, and drags his audience, willing or not, through alternatingly atmospheric and suffocatingly direct stoner jams” – Wizago, Drug Punk

“They are unpredictable, do not follow any pre-established formula, and finally are the only ones to invent the music of the future in being the only ones to invent the music of today.” – Dim Damn Doom

“… sounding like you’ve been tethered to a quad bike and dragged full speed, over broken electrical equipment and through a successive series of Kraftwerk, Atari Teenage Riot, Anal Cunt and Sigur Rós shows.” – Jay, The Burning Beard

“… all Harry Cloud factors, the strangeness, the eerie sounds, the haunting riffs, the beautiful melodies, the wondering of what is next.” – Valdesmo, Sludgeworld

“Slow fucked up burnt out doomgazegaragewhatever for hating yourself and your surroundings.” – Henry, KXSC radio