Harry Cloud

“Harry Cloud is a one of the rare emotional and unpredictable artists of the times.” – Didier Kelvin, Scoptophilia

“Harry Cloud has been emotionally ruined but also sees the humor of this situation.” – KN, Yeah I Know It Sucks

“Primordial, filthy and sounding like something fresh out of an archeological dig for some kind of badass Californian pharaoh.” – The Widening Eye

“Harry Cloud runs the gamut from sludgy black metal to creepy electronica to ‘70s good-timey Bay City Rollers sounds. There is little or no way to pigeon hole this one, and, in large part, that’s what makes this work.” – The Lord Kveldulfr, Razorcake

“Be sure, this is a horrifying creation from some seriously broken individuals.” – Steven, Wine Women and a Song or Two

“Think of your favorite genre of music and Harry turns it on its head. One minute brutally heavy and the next an anthemic Stoner Rock” – Sludgelord

“Stately artistic sludge bordering on insanity and avant-garde dadaistic drone that drags you into their own colorful tar pit and smothers you with their bizarre mushroomed psychedelica. – Stoner Hive

“Harry Cloud lurches, crawls, and drags his audience, willing or not, through alternatingly atmospheric and suffocatingly direct stoner jams” – Wizago, Drug Punk

“They are unpredictable, do not follow any pre-established formula, and finally are the only ones to invent the music of the future in being the only ones to invent the music of today.” – Dim Damn Doom

“… sounding like you’ve been tethered to a quad bike and dragged full speed, over broken electrical equipment and through a successive series of Kraftwerk, Atari Teenage Riot, Anal Cunt and Sigur Rós shows.” – Jay, The Burning Beard

“… all Harry Cloud factors, the strangeness, the eerie sounds, the haunting riffs, the beautiful melodies, the wondering of what is next.” – Valdesmo, Sludgeworld

“Slow fucked up burnt out doomgazegaragewhatever for hating yourself and your surroundings.” – Henry, KXSC radio

“We come to wonder if Harry Cloud is not the heir of the Butthole Surfers, Pere Ubu or Camper Van Beethoven, dissonant deconstruction and vocal combustion intertwine in suggestive images.” – Frank Irle, Exit Music